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Celebrating The Legacy Of John Dillinger

19 May 2011

Celebrating the legacy of John Dillinger is a great way to look back at American history and to study some of the more infamous and interesting situations. Dillinger’s life was short, 1903 to 1934, but his legacy and actions had a major impact on American history.

Dillinger always seemed to get in trouble. Even in his early days in Indianapolis he was in trouble with the law for fighting, theft, and even bullying smaller children. He quit school and even though he worked hard at a job, he is better known for his drinking and partying. He even got in trouble for stealing cars.

Unable to find a job and recently divorced his first robbery was a small grocery store which ended up getting him sent to jail for 4 and 1/2 years. In jail he studied the styling of other robbers and since he was released from jail during the great depression there was no work to be found. He immediately returned to crime.

He was arrested for a bank robbery that occurred in Bluffton, Ohio in 1933. He escaped from prison with the help of his friends. They killed two guards during the escape and created the first Dillinger Gang.

From here crime would continue and Dillinger and his gang is credited with two prison escapes, robbing two dozen banks, robbing four police stations, and he was charged with the murder of a East Chicago police officer. He committed crimes right up until his death in 1934 caused by police and federal agents.

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