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Fun Facts You DIDN’T Know About Dillinger

6 August 2011

You think you know everything there is to know about ol’ Dillinger and you’ve spent hours on your Satellite Star Internet researching the ins and outs of his crimes. But we’ve got a few trivia questions only the top Dillinger fans know the answers to – how do you stack up?
Dillinger’s first robbery attempt was a grocery store – he got away with 120 but later earned a 10 year jail sentence for the crime.
The DOI was a branch of the police force solely aimed at catching John Dillinger. It later morphed into what we know today as the FBI.
After robbing the grocery store, what was the first thing Dillinger did? He robbed a bank.
When he was killed leaving a theater John Dillinger had previously been inside watching a Gangster Movie.
The second time he was in prison Dillinger escaped by carving a wooden pistol which he used to scare a guard into opening the cell.
People were so admiring of Dillinger and his gang they applauded when they saw them. This had to do with the anti-bank sentiments swirling at the time of the great depression.

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