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The Most Famed Outlaw In American History

16 August 2011

John Dillinger was the most famous of American gangsters. He was the second child of a middle class family in Indiana. By the time he hit his teens John Dillinger was already getting in trouble for fighting, and petty theft
Unable to find a job, Dillinger robbed a grocery store with his friend Ed Singleton. Listening to the advice of his father, Dillinger pled guilty. For this he was given a ten to twenty year sentence. Time in prison hardened John Dillinger and gave him access to the tutoring of veteran criminals. After a few years he was let out on parole and went back to crime immediately. Soon after this he was back in jail for robbing a bank in Ohio. While being admitted a plan of escape was found on him, but Dillinger would not talk about it. Four days later a group of men escaped from Indiana State Prison using that plan, and came to break out Dillinger. They did so by dressing up as policemen.

Throughout his career Dillinger would rob twenty-four banks, four police stations and escape jail twice. One of the most unbelievable tales involves The Dillinger Gang pretending to scout a bank for a movie and making off with the money while people watched! There are also stories of him pretending to be a salesman for bank alarms, allowing him access to information for future robberies.
His second escape from prison was aided by his lawyer, who provided Dillinger with a wooden gun. He used this to trick the guards to let him out. Locking the guards in his cell, he made his escape after taunting the guards and making them feel foolish.

After making himself a criminal hero, he was targeted by the FBI. On a July night in 1934, they caught up with him at the Biograph Theater. He was shot three times after trying to escape.

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