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Most Famed Outlaw In American History

20 August 2011

Was the infamous “Lady in Red”, Anna Sage, responsible for John Dillinger’s death? Or, was she part of an elaborate scheme by Dillinger’s gang to fake his death? Most researchers believe that Public Enemy No. 1 was killed near the Biograph Theatre in 1934. Skeptics think a double accompanied Ann, and Polly Hamilton, Dillinger’s girlfriend, to the movies that fateful night. There is little evidence to support this theory and Anna had much to gain by the gangster’s death.

Feeling the pains of the Great Depression, many people admired the dashing, well attired man who walked into banks in broad daylight and took what he wanted. Most saw him as a criminal responsible for the deaths of 10 men and numerous bank robberies. He embarrassed police forces by robbing their armories of weapons and bullet proof vests. He assisted with jail breaks. Members of his gang often included some of Dillinger’s parolees and other gangsters of the period including Baby Face Nelson, Lester Gillis.

Recognizing Dillinger, in spite of some plastic surgery, Anna made a deal with the FBI to finger Dillinger in order to avoid deportation to her native Romania. As a madam of a brothel, she was considered an unsavory character. Exchange one madam for one gangster.

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