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John Dillinger: America’s Most Famed Outlaw

21 August 2011

John Dillinger certainly was an outlaw, as he was always pulling robberies. However, the law could have exacerbated the problem. When they threw him in jail for 20 years he vowed to become the most notorious, bad criminal ever. Dillinger artfully dodged the law and his prison breaks made him public enemy number one. He even is noted for committing AWOL from the Navy in 1923. Dillinger was in and out of prison like a Jack in the Box. These sentences were imposed for the bank robberies he kept committing.

Dillinger learned to hone his bank robbing skills while he was in prison. It was these same buddies that helped him break out of prison in October 1933. Dillinger went back to his career as a bank robber and then back to jail. It was like a revolving door. Rob a bank, go to jail, escape from jail, rob another bank all part of the revolving cycle. During one escape he even used a fake wood gun to break out.

However, the revolving door for Dillinger slammed shut on July 22, 1935. The FBI was tipped to where he would be. When Dillinger came out of the theater he noticed the FBI. He then ran for the alley and was gunned down. The only mystery is if Dillinger managed to gasp out “You got me”. It is highly possible though that he was dead before the FBI even reached him. It was goodnight to a legend whether or not it was a good or a bad legend.

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