A Look Back At The Life Of John Dillinger

Of all the celebrated bank robbers from the Depression Era, John Dillinger represented the casual, devil-may-care attitude the best. He created such a romantic sensation wherever he went. He was both loved by the public and hated by the authorities.

Growing up an average kid in Indiana Dillinger liked to party. He rebelled against his strict father. Unable to hold a job, he joined the Navy only to become a deserter. He received a dishonorable discharge. That was when his troubles started. He and a friend robbed a bank and Dillinger naively confessed to the robbery. He received a heavy ten-year sentence for his cooperation with the law. For John Dillinger nothing was ever the same. In prison he learned how to rob banks from seasoned career criminals, and he focused on how to avoid arrest and prosecution.

Released from prison, Dillinger immediately turned to robbing banks. He didn’t go far. He was arrested and imprisoned again. The friendships he formed in prison proved to be a good investment. Calling themselves the Dillinger gang, his old prison buddies broke him out of jail. The episode ended in the death of a law enforcement officer and marked a new chapter in the John Dillinger saga. He and his gang not only robbed banks, but they also killed law enforcement agents. The FBI started to pursue him.

Dillinger and his gang robbed banks across the state of Indiana in 1933. Succeeding with gimmicks like claiming to be a movie company filming a bank robbery, the Dillinger gang made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. Notoriety forced Dillinger to live underground. In 1934, the FBI coerced a girlfriend to give him up. They set up an ambush at the Biograph Theater in Chicago. Confronted outside the theater door, Dillinger drew a gun and fled down a nearby alley. The FBI agents fired five times into him as he fled, and he died of gunshot wounds.The information doesn’t stop now. Keep looking: 3 reviews of John Dillinger