History Of The Legendary John Dillinger

Born in the city of Indianapolis, John Dillinger was the son of an abusive father and a mother that died before he reached his fourth birthday. As a teenager he had been known for fighting and theft. This rebellious lifestyle brought him to the Navy. After a few months he deserted his station and was soon dishonorably discharged. Later he was married to a woman named Beryl Ethel Hovious. This marriage was rocky from the start and ended in divorce four years later.
These sad chains of events lead him to rob a grocery store with a friend named Ed Singelton. The two were caught and John eventually confessed on the advice of his father. The court handed him a harsh 10 to 20 years for the crime. He ended up serving four and half years of this sentence.
John Dillinger began his shortened stay at the Indiana State Prison. This is where he became friends with seasoned bank robbers and together, John and his new friends planned a heist that they would eventually commit.
Around May 1933, John Dillenger was released on parole. Upon his release he immediately turned back to the world of crime. By August, he had robbed a bank which got him thrown back into jail.
This prompted Dillenger to begin a plan of escape. After killing two guards, and just four days after his imprisonment the first Dillinger Gang aided john in his successful escape.
Thus begun a string of more than a dozen banks robbed by The Dillinger gang, they accumulated an estimate of 300,000. During this streak a member of the Dillinger gang killed a police detective while robbing a state police arsenal. After this, it is reported the gang was responsible for around 11 more police deaths. John and his gang were eventually captured in Tucson. This is he was to stand trial for murder but again John escaped.
After staying hidden for quite sometime, some agents were tipped off on Dillinger’s whereabouts by a madam from Indiana. They eventually tracked him to a Chicago theater. The agents stood by as John left the theater and as he exited, the agents opened up fire. John was hit three times, twice in the chest, nicking his heart and a fatal blow through the back of his neck. Dillinger is buried at Crown Hill Cemetery in Indianapolis.More info here: Judge Foils Dillinger Plan to Get ‘Millions’ from EA You Get Nothing, Good Day